I teach mothers how to build strong healthy bonds with their daughter through effective communication.

Saundra J Golden
Author, Speaker, Consultant, Abuse Survivor 


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Helping teens and young women maintain their power through overcoming or preventing toxic/abusive relationships 

Saundra J Golden
Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Abuse Survivor 

I educate teens and young women in the “red flags” to watch for in relationships to avoid entering into toxic/ abusive relationships; to build self-esteem and confidence to move forward after a toxic/abusive relationship learning the power of forgiveness in order to live a happier and healthier life.

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I know you are a great parent, but you still have difficulty communicating openly with your daughter about the ups and downs of dating. Download this guide of 8 effective communication methods to help you begin the conversation with your daughter.

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I get it. You are a mother, but gone are the days when you could converse with your daughter. She's finding her own independence, spending more time in her room on the phone talking to boys opposed to you. You know it's time to have a conversation about dating with her. You knew this day would come, but you're not at all ready. Your emotions are all over the place, just thinking about it. You want to be able to be honest and open-minded with her, but you just not sure you can be.

What you are looking for is to obtain education and result oriented help with guiding your daughter in navigating the dating scene with healthy relationships.


You don't want to feel overwhelmed!


Right now you are feeling overwhelmed. In your mind you know it's time you need to start having the conversations with your daughter about dating, sex, emotions and healthy relationships. But where do you start? You're not feeling that you are equipped to even begin to have the dating conversation because dating has changed so much and you don't know how to communicate to her the things she needs to know while being completely open and honest. 


To Finding the help you need

You realize that you can't do this alone and you need help. You need to find someone who can help you understand and gain knowledge regarding teen dating abuse. Someone who can help you become confident in your ability to communicate effectively, being open, honest and transparent when conversing with your daughter, so that she will be able to establish healthy dating relationships.

Let me Show You How!


Hi, I’m Saundra Golden

I help my clients learn the methods needed to build bonds with their daughters, communicating with them effectively in order to have those difficult conversations such as, dating, setting and implementing boundaries, abuse, sex, and so much more that's needed for them to build healthy relationships and navigate through life.


Saundra Golden
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Client Testimonials

Inez T

Inez T.

I think this book is well written and such a testimony. I see the writer in a way now that truly explains why she is always so understanding, positive, and gives the best advice about life. She went through so much at such a young age, but did not allow her past to define the future. I know there will be others who will benefit from this book.".

Christina F

Christina F.

"This book was very informative and has many take always that can be used for the many mothers/ sisters/ friends that have lost themselves along the way. It is a gentle reminder to put yourself first and everything else will cascade down in its rightful and God ordained place".

Danita D

Danita D.

"This is a must read for young dating women and for parents with dating teens.".

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One-on-one Coaching

Mother-Daughter Strong Workshop


1:1 Coaching Program


The mother-daughter workshop will provide:

Learn to parent mindfully.

Learn why your daughter think we don't understand.

Learning the love language your daughter needs.

Learning your parenting style.

How to have those difficult conversations with your daughter.

And so much more.....


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Book me to speak to your organization, group, club, or your next event.

Topics I can speak about:

- How to Have Difficult Conversation with Your Teen.

- Listen + Communicate = Building a Strong Relationship with Your Daughter.

- Equipped & Empowered to Help Your Daughter Build Healthy Relationships: What 
Every Mother Needs to Know

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Client Testimonials


It's not too late...

If you have made it this far, it's not too late as her mother to arm yourself knowledge on how to communicate with your daughter and do it where it is effective.  You have the power to take action and make a huge difference in making sure you are equipped and empowered to build a strong bond with your daughter through communication.

What’s stopping you? 

Are you ready to gain the knowledge needed to build a bond with your daughter. Come on, we can do it together.


Join me and let’s get to work.


Are you ready to...

  •  Learn how to love and value yourself so that you can receive the love you desire
  • Learn how the power of forgiveness can help you forgive yourself and your abuser to move forward to feel free 
  • Change your mindset to see yourself as the queen you are and live the life you are destined for.

What’s stopping you? 

Are you ready to take back your powers and forge into the life you are destined for? 

Join me and let’s get to work.

Make It Stop by Saundra Golden


Make It Stop!

A Young Woman's Guide to Overcome or Prevent Dating Abuse

In this book, you'll quickly discover why it is so important to build a strong bond with your daughter so that you can have those difficult conversations with your daughter like dating abuse. As a mother the conversations need to start early.