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I teach mothers to build strong, solid bonds with their daughter through effective communication. I help mothers to become their daughter go to person by having open and honest communication building the connection that will last a lifetime.

After initially writing and launching my book and having multiple conversations with mothers, it was surprising that even though mothers were buying my book, it was not to have a conversation with their daughters. It was just for their daughter to read and basically get the information on their own. My book was written not only to inform teens but to education mothers, enabling them to gain knowledge and initiate conversation with their daughters. But there was no communication taking place.  Mother's were not having the conversations needed to prepare their daughters for dating, understanding what healthy relationships are about, abuse, sex or just life.

 So I have made it my mission to help mothers build an unbreakable bond with their daughters, by teaching them how to communicate effectively and actively listen to their daughters. To build more than a relationship with them, but to build a bond. You can have a relationship with anyone but it takes a special connection to build a bond. 

Over the years I have been able to build a rock solid bond with my daughters where we discuss EVERYTHING. We talk everyday. We still do things together and they still come to me for advice or to just talk things out. I am their go-to person, their confidante. I want every mother to have that same relationship. I want to do that for YOU.

I enjoy spending my spare time with my husband, children, family, and friends.

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About The Book:

Make It Stop!
A Young Woman’s Guide to Overcome or Prevent Dating Abuse.

Make It Stop by Saundra Golden

As a teen, Saundra J Golden was dealing with the aftermath of having been sexually assaulted as a little girl by her piano teacher and abused by her boyfriend with having no one she felt she could turn to.  Although she had a relationship with her mother, she didn't feel as though she could talk to her mother about either of these occurrences in her life so she suffered in silence.  There was no connection or bond where she felt safe and free to discuss with her mother about the trauma she had incurred.

Like Saundra, there are so many girls suffering because their mothers have not taken the time to learn how to effectively listen and communicate with their daughters about topics such as dating abuse, relationship and sex. In her book, Saundra want mothers to begin having the conversation about these topics she speaks of in her book, helping to guide their daughters while building an open line of communication to let them know you will always be there for them. These important conversation, she believes can not only help in building a relationship but a bond.

With Make It Stop!, you’ll learn valuable information that you can utilize to help your daughter:

  • Learn that abuse is more than just being physical. 
  • Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. 
  • Learn the warning signs and red flags they need to be aware of when dating
  • Understanding how they must love themselves and their emotions first, before taking on someone else’s
  • Learn steps to build their self-esteem and confidence

After reading the book, (hopefully mother and daughter will read), as a mother you can initiate a meaningful conversation with your daughter. Discussing the book, to help her explore her feelings, and thoughts on relationships and what it is she wants in a relationship. Helping her learn to control her feelings and emotions, before taking on those of others. Helping her to become self-aware of who she is and what she truly wants with an ability to set boundaries.


This is a way for you to effectively listen to your daughter about her thoughts, feelings and desires and begin the journey to not only building a relationship with her but a bond that will lead to many discussions that the both of you will have for years to come. It won’t be easy.

Remember, it’s a process, but you can do it!


In Make It Stop!, you’ll learn

  • The different types of abuse you can encounter and what they look like
  • Understand how forgiving yourself and the abuser is so important to moving forward
  • Discover the steps to change your mindset, becoming more positive and exude confidence
  • Find the steps that will enable you to love yourself and acknowledge how important self-love is to your growth
  • Know what a healthy relationship looks like
  • Discover resources that can help you

After reading the book, you’ll be able to start your journey into becoming a confident and healthy individual with a whole new perspective on life. However, don’t let this book be the end of the journey. Implement what you’ve learned and continue to grow.

Remember, it’s a process, but you can do it!

Saundra Golden


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  • Listen + Communicate = Building a Strong Bond with Your Daughter 
  • Equipped & Empowered to Help Your Your Daughter Build Healthy Relationships
  • Understanding Abuse
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