I teach mothers to build strong healthy bonds with their daughter through effective communication.

Saundra J Golden
Author, Speaker, Consultant, Abuse Survivor 


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Helping teens and young women maintain their power through overcoming or preventing toxic/abusive relationships 

Saundra J Golden
Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Abuse Survivor 

I educate teens and young women in the “red flags” to watch for in relationships to avoid entering into toxic/ abusive relationships; to build self-esteem and confidence to move forward after a toxic/abusive relationship learning the power of forgiveness in order to live a happier and healthier life.

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I know you are a great parent, but you still have difficulty communicating openly with your daughter. Download this guide to 8 Effective Strategies to build a deeper connection with your daughter that can lead to a lifelong bond.

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I understand. As a mother, you're facing a new chapter where your daughter is asserting her independence, spending more time in her room chatting with boys on her phone rather than with you. You realize it's time to broach the subject of dating with her. You've anticipated this moment, but you're feeling unprepared. Your emotions are swirling as you contemplate it. You aspire to be honest and open-minded in your conversation with her, but you're uncertain if you can manage it.

What you are looking for is to obtain education and result oriented help with guiding your daughter in navigating the dating scene with healthy relationships.


You don't want to feel overwhelmed!


At this moment, you're likely feeling overwhelmed. You recognize the importance of initiating conversations with your daughter about dating, sex, emotions, and healthy relationships. However, you're unsure where to begin. The dating landscape has evolved significantly, leaving you feeling ill-prepared to broach the topic. You're grappling with how to communicate essential information to her while remaining completely open and honest.


To Finding the help you need

Recognizing that you can't tackle this alone, you're seeking assistance. You understand the importance of gaining insights into teen dating abuse and finding support to enhance your communication skills. You're searching for someone who can provide guidance and help you build confidence in effectively communicating with your daughter. Your goal is to foster open, honest, and transparent conversations, empowering her to establish healthy dating relationships.

Let me Show You How!


Hi, I’m Saundra Golden


I guide my clients in acquiring the skills necessary to establish strong connections with their daughters. This involves effective communication strategies for addressing challenging topics like dating, setting and enforcing boundaries, understanding abuse, discussing sex, and navigating various aspects of life. My aim is to equip them with the tools needed to cultivate healthy relationships and successfully navigate life's complexities together.

Saundra Golden
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Client Testimonials

Inez T

Inez T.

I think this book is well written and such a testimony. I see the writer in a way now that truly explains why she is always so understanding, positive, and gives the best advice about life. She went through so much at such a young age, but did not allow her past to define the future. I know there will be others who will benefit from this book.".

Christina F

Christina F.

"This book was very informative and has many take always that can be used for the many mothers/ sisters/ friends that have lost themselves along the way. It is a gentle reminder to put yourself first and everything else will cascade down in its rightful and God ordained place".

Danita D

Danita D.

"This is a must read for young dating women and for parents with dating teens.".

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One-on-one Coaching

Mother-Daughter Strong Workshop

1:1 Consultation/Coaching Program


The mother-daughter workshop will provide:

Learn to parent mindfully.

Learn why your daughter think we don't understand.

Learning the love language your daughter needs.

Learning your parenting style.

How to have those difficult conversations with your daughter.

And so much more.....


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Book me to speak to your organization, group, club, or your next event.

Topics I can speak about:

- Listen + Communicate = Building a Strong Relationship with Your Daughter.

- You're Not A Bad Mom: Building a Deeper Connection With Your Daughter

- Recognizing the Warning Signs and Red Flags of Abuse

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Client Testimonials


It's not too late...

If you've reached this point, it's not too late for you as a mother to equip yourself with the knowledge of effective communication with your daughter. You possess the power to take action and make a significant difference in nurturing a strong bond through communication.

So, what's holding you back?

Are you prepared to acquire the knowledge necessary to foster a deeper connection with your daughter? Let's embark on this journey together.

Join me, and let's start working towards it.

Are you ready to...

  •  Learn how to love and value yourself so that you can receive the love you desire
  • Learn how the power of forgiveness can help you forgive yourself and your abuser to move forward to feel free 
  • Change your mindset to see yourself as the queen you are and live the life you are destined for.

What’s stopping you? 

Are you ready to take back your powers and forge into the life you are destined for? 

Join me and let’s get to work.

Make It Stop by Saundra Golden


Make It Stop!

A Young Woman's Guide to Overcome or Prevent Dating Abuse

In this book, you'll quickly discover why it is so important to build a strong bond with your daughter so that you can have those difficult conversations with your daughter like dating abuse. As a mother the conversations need to start early.